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“NNID” – Not Now, I’m Driving

A new PSA sponsored by State Farm and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has introduced something new for the text lingo for teen drivers: “NNID” – Not Now, I’m Driving.

In that 30-second spot, one can easily identify how teens talk nowadays --- not so much with the spoken word, but with presses of a button. And in the ideal world of that PSA, the driver adjusted her mirror, buckled her seat belt (all good driving behaviors), and most importantly: sent out a message that simply said, “NNID” --- then kept the phone in storage before driving off.

So maybe NNID won’t immediately catch up to where acronyms like “TTYL” and “LOL” are, but in a more ideal world --- "NNID" will be understood by friends and family who receive it, and our teen drivers safer for it.

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